Thursday, January 27, 2022

ERROR on ../../tmp/openshift-install--761813450/ line 44, in resource "vsphereprivate_import_ova" "import":



DEBUG vsphere_tag_category.category: Creation complete after 0s [id=urn:vmomi:InventoryServiceCategory:f49160e4-a017-404f-9ecf-88b93e02f300:GLOBAL]
DEBUG vsphere_tag.tag: Creating...                 
DEBUG vsphere_tag.tag: Creation complete after 0s [id=urn:vmomi:InventoryServiceTag:75e6da39-1493-4760-a360-5708375c1e49:GLOBAL]
DEBUG vsphereprivate_import_ova.import: Creating...
ERROR Error: failed to find provided vSphere objects: failed to find a host in the cluster that contains the provided datastore
ERROR   on ../../tmp/openshift-install--761813450/ line 44, in resource "vsphereprivate_import_ova" "import":
ERROR   44: resource "vsphereprivate_import_ova" "import" {
FATAL failed to fetch Cluster: failed to generate asset "Cluster": failed to create cluster: failed to apply Terraform: failed to complete the change


Root cause of the problem:

This issue was caused by trying to use a datastore that was not shared storage on a cluster with multiple hypervisors.


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