Thursday, November 9, 2017

Linux Privilege Escalation Scripts

This tool is great at running through a heap of things you should check on a Linux system in the post exploit process. This include file permissions, cron jobs if visible, weak credentials etc. The first thing I run on a newly compromised system.

This is a great tool for once again checking a lot of standard things like file permissions etc. The real gem of this script is the recommended privilege escalation exploits given at the conclusion of the script. This is a great starting point for escalation.

g0tmi1k’s Blog
Not so much a script as a resource, g0tmi1k’s blog post here has led to so many privilege escalations on Linux system’s it’s not funny. Would definitely recommend trying out everything on this post for enumerating systems.

windows file sharing operations

list all active connections:

net use

remove all active connections:

net use * /delete

remove specific connection

net use \\<ip>\<share> /delete

add connection

net use \\<ip>\<share> /user:domain/username <password> /persistent:yes

make symbolic link for file share

mklink /d c:\temp\<localpath> \\<ip>\<share>